Gifwit Window

Organize and search your favorite images on the internet

Available on the Mac App Store Only $2.99 for a Limited Time

Gifwit Library

Build Your Library

Find your favorite GIFs online, paste in the URL, and give it some keywords. Instantly find it again when you need it later.

Gifwit Search

Search Instantly

Gifwit is really fast. Open it with a keyboard shortcut, start typing keywords, and results show up immediately.

Use in Any Context

Gifwit will copy both the URL and the file to your cliboard. Paste into chat messages, email, or any other application.

Search the Web

Jump quickly into a web search if your library doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for. Gifwit can help find it no matter what.

Import and Export

Export your library for backup, or to share with friends. Importing simple adds to your own library, making it easy to share.

The Fastest Way to Find the Perfect GIF

Keyboard Shortcuts

Open the Gifwit Popover
Copy to Clipboard
Delete Image
Edit Keywords
Preview Image
Gifwit Icon
I’ve been waiting for a tool like this since the mid-90s. Literally. Sean Sperte
Gifwit is an essential tool for modern business communication. Benjamin Franklin, Probably